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Home-Based Services

Caring for the aged who are bedridden or suffering from dementia at home requires a great deal of effort by family members. However, overwork by family members in daily care that involves the strain of worry as well as heavy physical labor is a social problem.
Fukujuen provides various types of services as part of welfare services at home to help such troubled families with elderly family members who require nursing care.

Short stay (short-term stay in a facility)

  • This service can be used, when a family having a bedridden or elderly family member suffering from dementia cannot provide care at home temporarily due to ceremonial occasions or overfatigue as a result of nursing care. We also provide assistance in all activities of daily life, including transportation, bathing, meals, and toilet needs.

Day service (Ambulatory care)

  • We provide day services, such as transportation, health checks, bathing, meals and function recovering exercises, with a view to supporting an independent life for users, eliminating a sense of isolation and maintaining and improving mind and body functions of users as well as relieving the physical and mental burdens of their families. We also hold various seasonal events inside and outside our facilities.

Home help (Attendant service)

  • - Physical nursing care service
    We provide nursing care services, such as assistance in washing, bathing, putting on and taking off clothing, assistance in eating meals, moving about and toilet needs and assistance in getting ready and sending-off for outings. We also provide livelihood support to the aged for confirmation on their safety (daytime visits) and routine housework such as shopping, cooking and cleaning.

Group home

  • This is a unit-type facility for the elderly suffering from dementia so as to lead a normal life in their home town, using their abilities to their advantage.
    The elderly suffering from dementia can use this type of facility and go about their daily life with assistance from our staff. We provide a healthy and pleasant living environment, through relationships with local residents.

Bathing service (Visiting baths)

  • A nurse and two care staff members visit homes with a car equipped with a boiler and bathtub to help the aged take a bath. Health checks by a nurse are also conducted according to need to allow the aged feel secure from the aspect of health.

Care plan (Care support at home)

  • We stand in for applying for certification of long-term care need and create a care plan suited to the needs of users and their families.
    We also coordinate with medical and welfare organizations so that users are able to use pleasant services with a sense of ease.
    * No fees are required for creating a care plan.

Regional general support center

  • We perform comprehensive and ongoing care management, including coordination and alternate applications for use of various nursing care services, coordination with service providers according to need, exhibition and introduction of care equipment, holding of nursing-care classes and receiving of applications for nursing insurance. We also make a home visits to users so that they can make use of appropriate nursing-care services.

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